Deadalus AI Room

It's my first attempt on creating something while recording. A lot of people suggested me that I should try something like this - so, here it is. There was no grand plan behind it, just full scale improvisation. Unfortunately Photoshop postproduction has not recorned - for some reasone Nvidia Experience ignored this software. But, all I did was adding some glow effect and increasing saturation/sharpness.
In whole scene I used only 1k textures to have everything working as fast as possible.
Everything created using Blender and Substance Painter with some help of textures. Creation time - around 10 hours and render around 4 hours in 4k.
If You have suggestions/ideas - please leave a comment.

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Mateusz wielgus ai room ver1

Main Image

Deadalus AI Core - Blender timelaps 1/2

Deadalus AI Core - Blender timelaps 2/2

Mateusz wielgus aao

Software screenshot.

Mateusz wielgus ai room ver2

Main Image Color ver.2